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What? Not vastly worse? Not somewhat worse? Not worse at all?Read More
The Obama administration has opened the floodgates on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research, which advocates insist have the potential to cure virtually every malady from Parkinsonism to piles. Maybe. But paraplegics shouldn't post their wheelchairs on EBay just yet…Read More
"President Barack Obama will lift the eight-year ban on embryonic stem cell research on Monday, the White House has announced." So wrote Amanda Gardner for a Healthday item that ran in U.S. News & World Report under the headline "Obama to End Stem Cell Ban Monday." Meanwhile…Read More
The CDC is sayingU.S. demand for swine flu vaccine could reach 600 million doses. "That's in case two doses are required for children and adults under 50, CDC representatives said," according to CNN. Really? If people over 50 didn't need two doses, then that would be more…Read More
Mary Lou Forbes, an institution, an editor, and a friend, is gone. She died of cancer at age 83 and worked until the end. I was her colleague when I worked at the Washington Times in 1987, where I also had the privilege of working with the late, great Tony Snow, who died of…Read More