Advice & Dissent

A Washington Post A1 article, "Alternatives to BPA containers not easy for U.S. foodmakers to find," makes the case very nicely. The plastic hardening ingredient bisphenol A (BPA) in the epoxy lining of cans does a terrific job in preserving foods and it's clear that despite the…Read More
You don't need to look for ulterior motives in the government attacks on Toyota, which include not just the current congressional hearings but such things as Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood's warning that anyone who owns a recalled Toyota should "stop driving it." After all…Read More
Everything I write that I plan to place in a publication I first run past my best friend Matt, a truly gifted editor. One of his special "talents" in my case, though, is that he has no great expertise in science or health or really any of the topics I write about. Therefore…Read More
Eugene Robinson in today's Washington Post protests that global warming skeptics are using the current (though very long) cold snap in the mid-Atlantic region, which encompasses the nation's capital, to confuse weather - a short-term phenomenon - with climate.Proof of global…Read More
But now the truth is coming out. One fact is that there has been no statistically significant warming for quite awhile. The other is that temperatures in the Middle Ages, at the very least in the northern hemisphere, were considerably warmer than they are now. (See inset…Read More