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Neil Cavuto, 6:20, Fox Business, regarding my Forbes Online pieceRead More
Yes, you suspected it all along. Now I've proved it. Mr. Sikes's wild ride was a fabrication."Everything I'm telling you is a lie, but I've got you eating out of my hand!" The only reason his accelerator was stuck was because the was a size 10 on it. I've nailed him on all counts…Read More
On YouTube you can view a news report regarding the Prius alleged runaway hysteria incident, complete with an excerpt from the 911 call James Sikes placed. "It must have been absolutely terrifying," says the news anchor at the end. And that's certainly the way the media have…Read More
As I write in today's Los Angeles Times, the imagery of Toyotas running amok like something out of a Stephen King novel is simply false, though it's certainly been good for demagogic government officials, the sensationalist media, those who see greater government regulation as…Read More
One word kept appearing in reviews of The Hurt Locker: realism. In fact, as I observed in a Philadelphia Inquirer piece from last August, the incidents in the film are grossly unrealistic - as I know from having been a combat engineer myself and having embedded with a Navy-Marine…Read More