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Faust Wertz is a great interviewer and it's always a pleasure to be on her show. Today we discussed Toyota, health care legislation (including an NRO piece I have upcoming today), and Mike's need for financial support to keep doing what he's doing.This is a very nice lady!Read More
Declaring "I love numbers," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared after getting a thumbs up from the Congressional Budget Office on Thursday just before a scheduled vote on health care legislation. The budget office found that the House changes to the Senate legislation will cut…Read More
Erin Brockovich became "America's Sweetheart" because "she brought a corporation to its knees." As the story goes, the energy company PG&E was storing chromium 6, a cancer agent, in its on-site ponds but it leached into the wells of the nearby tiny desert town of Hinkley, Calif…Read More
"No other country in the world has comparable problems with cars accelerating on their own," observes one of Germany's top magazines, Der Spiegel - yet "the same cars exist around the world, but no accidents of this type have occurred anywhere outside of North America. There were…Read More
This blog titled "Toyota Crash Victim Speaks Out Against Media Smearing Automaker" exploits my cache as a victim of a REAL Toyota defect, which I detailed in my Los Angeles Times piece "Toyota Hysteria." (The inset photo is of my Toyota MR2 after a problem with the rear end…Read More