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It took a few months for my gear to follow me back from Iraq, but it and my camera are now here. I've posted my photos here. Some interesting stuff in there, if I may say so myself.Read More
Say hello to my little friend, the new incarnation of In a national survey by a major marketing firm, two out of three dentists preferred this version. The most obvious change is that it's now a true hybrid website, meaning it displays and archives my articles…Read More
Peaceniks are going gaga over the new FX series on the Iraq war "Over There." "Wow! Anybody else watch "Over There" last night?" asked a writer for the most-viewed liberal blogsite and most-viewed blogsite period, Daily Kos. " Within a few minutes, the Sarge calls their position…Read More
St. Paul Pioneer Press editorial page associate editor Mark Yost penned a provocative column on media coverage of the Iraq war, noting his contacts there told him, with apologies to Johnny Mercer, the MSM are accentuating the negative and ignoring the positive. He couldn't have…Read More
How should conservatives view government efforts against the obesity epidemic? This exchange might be useful. Dear Mr. Fumento: When getting someone else's comment about your obesity article at, I heard that you are considered libertarian in your thinking. When I saw…Read More