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Sir: I'm an army officer currently serving in Iraq. I also have a blog where I spend most of my time countering false or misleading information regarding our actions and mission in Iraq. I've started getting spammed by a leftist who is quoting a Vanity Fair article on depleted…Read More
Dear Mr. Fumento, Thank you for your column in the August 8, 2005 edition of the Press Journal (Vero Beach, FL). As my husband makes his way to Afghanistan, we have two very close friends and a nephew that have returned from Iraq. It pains me to read the paper and see the…Read More
Saint Cindy Sheehan, martyr by proxy, is still trying to stretch her 15 minutes of fame and she is up to 4,200 hits on Google News. Problem is, as sympathetic as the MSM is to her cause they're just plumb running out of new things to say about her. Maybe they're also getting the…Read More
Mike: Are you surprised [regarding the TV show "Over There"] that Hollywood would do a hatchet job on the Iraq war? I was in Vietnam and the hatchet job done on it and us should have been a indication of things to come. Perhaps during a lull in the War On Terror, we can have a…Read More
As per always, fat activist Paul Campos ignores the data linking overweight and obesity to illness. For example at Tech Central Station, one of my favorite websites, he writes "Consider Bill Clinton's allusion to a supposed epidemic of Type II diabetes among children. This has…Read More