Advice & Dissent

I hope nobody got the idea from my column on Tysabri that its return is a done deal just because it ought to be a done deal. It's not. A bit of lobbying by MS patients and their loved ones won't hurt a bit. You can e-mail FDA at In the subject line it needs to…Read More
In my recent piece on Chernobyl and the disaster that wasn't, I noted that no American has ever been harmed by nuclear energy but "that accidents caused by natural gas, petroleum products, and accidents and black lung disease from coal take a steady toll of lives each year." That…Read More
Oh my, Michael! She's BAAAAAA-CK!!!! It's Joyce Reilly, nurse/ghoul, she of the thousands of dying Desert Storm Vets and their deformed children and fluorescent semen. It's late here on the left coast and I've been listening to Lars Larson's talk show and there she was, making…Read More
"Indonesia on brink of bird flu epidemic," blares the headline in the online version of the Courier-Mail, one of Australia's largest-circulation newspapers. Total deaths? Uh, one possible but none confirmed. Okay, total infected? Uh, seven possible but none confirmed. Total…Read More
Once again the media show either their ignorance or bias or both in reporting on stem cells, this time regarding a study finding that fetal stem cells can help restore movement in mice whose spinal cords have been severed. Mind you, these are not the media's favorite type of stem…Read More