Polluted Science by Michael Fumento

January 01, 1997  ·  Michael Fumento  ·  Books

Polluted Science is a critical study of the EPA’s decision in 1997 to tighten national standards for measuring air quality. Michael Fumento examines the standards used by the EPA and the benefits the EPA hoped to reap by their utlilization. ### Praise for Polluted Science

  • "Michael Fumento is among America’s most conscientious observers of Washington’s regulatory establishment, a watchdog whom the bureaucrats rightly fear."
  • Thomas Bliley, Chairman, House Commerce Committee * "Michael Fumento’s Polluted Science conclusively shows that the EPA’s new particulate and ozone regulations may be among the worst ever promulgated by a federal agency. All legislators concerned with the health of their constituents and the health of the economy need to read — and heed — this book and vote against what Fumento so aptly calls ’regulation for regulation’s sake.’"
  • David McIntosh, Chairman, House National Economic Growth, Natural Resources, and Regulatory Affairs Committee * "Scientific review is about reading and synthesizing the state of the art in the published literature and only then forming conclusions. Michael Fumento is very dangerous because he does exactly that. In the air pollution field there are far too many examples of reports that leap to the politically desired conclusion. Fumento reveals these ’studies’ for what they are."
  • Donald H. Stedman, Brainerd Phillipson Professor of Chemistry, University of Denver * "The EPA’s new standards will harm farmers and ranchers through increased energy costs and regulatory burdens. With information surrounding environmental issues becoming increasingly complex and emotional, Polluted Science is a breath of fresh air, going straight to the facts and laying them out, step by step."
  • Adam Sharp, Assistant Director of Governmental Relations, American Farm Bureau Federation