Michael Fumento and the Fat of the Land

January 01, 1997  ·  Michael Fumento  ·  Books

An epidemic is sweeping America that no one is talking about: Obesity. It contributes to more than 300,000 deaths a year.

Now Michael Fumento — himself a veteran of the diet wars — turns his searing eye to the quick-fix weight-loss programs that misinform the public while reaping billions in profits and leaving America among the fattest of nations.

In the first book based on a systematic review of thousands of scientific studies and interviews with dozens of health experts, Fumento proves that extra weight is harming our health.

He exposes the diet industry for what it is, explodes the myths of "setpoint theory" and low metabolism, and dissects the billion-dollar low-fat-food fib, showing that "lite" is loaded with unwanted calories, and "non-fat" makes us fatter.

The Fat of the Land offers solid advice to dieters and examines ways in which our society fosters obesity.

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Praise for The Fat of the Land

"Entertaining, intelligent, and comprehensive." - The Detroit News

"Putting theories to test and shysters to shame, the book is worth reading for its lively look at the confusing ideas out there." - San Diego Union Tribune

"A call to action." - The Wall Street Journal

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