Additional Praise for The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS

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  1. "The arguments, statistics and perceptions that he addresses to support his position appear almost as irrefutable as they are controversial." — David Shaw, New York Times Book Review
  2. "This is a backlash book that is thoroughly researched, poignantly written, and a must-read for anyone interested in learning the dynamics of the HIV epidemic or health care planning . . . . Fumento’s book is currently the best single source available to enable heterosexual persons to assess their personal risk and, as an informed electorate, take a closer look at overall health care spending, particularly the power of political action committees, the media hype, and the influence of AIDS alarmists." — Virginia M. Anderson, M.D., Journal of the American Medical Association
  3. "Mr. Fumento marshals a substantial amount of epidemiological data and interprets it in a credible fashion to support his contention. He demonstrates successfully that the `heterosexual breakout’ widely predicted in the mid-1980s has failed to materialize and does not seem likely to. The book is well worth reading for this critical reinterpretation of the available data." — Andrew M. Wiesenthal, M.D., New England Journal of Medicine
  4. "[A] tour de force." — Simon Chapman, British Medical Journal
  5. "The best documented, most provocative and informative AIDS book since And the Band Played On." — Booklist (American Library Association)
  6. "A merciless — though often legitimate — indictment of the purveyors of panic." — Patricia Cohen, Washington Monthly
  7. "The best book on AIDS hysteria today is The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS by Michael Fumento." — Arthur Hu, Asian Week
  8. "[Myth] will undoubtedly become the most important nonfiction book on AIDS since Shilts’s And the Band Played On and Paul Monette’s Borrowed Time." — Stuart Byron, The Advocate (national gay weekly)
  9. "[Myth] counters the predictions of an imminent AIDS epidemic among the general population. In a rapid fire, journalistic style, Fumento, a frequent writer on AIDS, reinterprets figures and conditions, and notes who benefits and who suffers from alarmist publicity. A refreshing, upbeat, AIDS book." — Book News, Inc. (1990)
  10. "[Fumento] has updated statistics now to support his basic message: AIDS is not on the verge of wiping out civilization; it is a fatal viral disease that is running its course just like all viral diseases do. He explains how the HIV virus works, how the medical establishment and the media are creating the hysteria, what interests are behind the distortions (not all of them are bad people), and how terror about a disaster that will not happen is draining resources from the people who really need them." — Book News, Inc. (1993)