Hate Mail, Volume 41

January 01, 2005  ·  Michael Fumento  ·  Hatemail

Vaccine Hate

  • I received all of these e-mails, plus enough to make up a future volume of Hate Mail, from two related articles (Immune to Reason and Fear Mongering over Childhood Vaccinations) criticizing what was essentially an effort by environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to expand the fear base of one of his key issues, methyl mercury in such fish as tuna. He figured if he could implicate the ethyl mercury formerly used in the vaccine preservative thimerosal in autism it would support his campaign against methyl mercury, even though the chemicals are far more different than their names would imply to the layman. He failed to create a "grand alliance," but did embarrass rightwing members of the vaccine conspiracy lobby who suddenly found a Kennedy in their fold. As for me, I just made 'em mad as hell.* Why Keep Up with the Issue when You Can Just Attack?

    Mr. Fumento,

OK, so no link between thimerosal and autism, and very much on point that Kennedy and others are playing fast and loose with facts and confusing mercury types, study results, etc. But that still leaves two points.

  1. Why take a chance? Surely the drug industry can replace the preservative with another in those vaccines that still use thimerosal. The insistence on using this stuff rather than destroying it and moving to another preservative can only be read in financial terms.
  2. Your Website* [sic]* bio may not be complete, but it suggests you have no kids. Can you understand how someone (like me) who is a parent could be worried about autism risks regardless of who's right/wrong on the mercuy *[sic] *issue? Your *Wall Street Journal *column fails to strike a note of sympathy.

Best regards,
[omitted] Colter

*Dear Mr. Colter: *

  • I'm afraid it speaks volumes concerning your knowledge about this issue that you believe thimerosal is still being used in childhood vaccines. It is not, except to the extent children are given the injected flu shot. Further, other preservatives might have risks, too. We don't know about that. With thimerosal we have a large body of data. It's the angel we know versus the devil we also know. *
  • I certainly understand why parents of children under the age of four would be concerned about autism risks. That's why I wrote the piece. They need to know the truth, which is that we have absolutely no idea at this point what causes autism or what (beyond better diagnoses) has caused the large increase in autistic children. They need to know they shouldn't blame themselves, but neither at this time is there anyone else to blame. That strikes me as a fairly sympathetic position, but then what do I know since I have no children? *
  • Sincerely,
    Michael Fumento*

    I Prefer Chicken, Thank You

Wow, Mr. Fumento� You sure are going to be eating crow when the truth about thimerosal being a spark for autism becomes more "mainstream". It really is very obvious. I hope that you are getting all your studies together to "prove" your side (if you are, can you lead me in the direction of these studies)? I write to you with all good intentions, not meant as an attack. Do your homework.

-Sue [omitted] (mother to three mercury poisoned children). My children are all doing remarkably well, thanks to biomed treatments to help detox their bodies. Luckily, I didn't listen to "the experts" aka [sic] most mainstream medical practitioners.

*Wow, Ms. Misiaszek, I'm sure going to be eating crow when it turns out the Illuminati really do rule the world which, as it happens, really is flat. And boy, when people discover we never actually landed on the moon but that those supposed lunar landings happened on back lots of Hollywood studies! I've done my homework, as you could already see from my willingness to provide exact citations and quotes in my piece and as you can see even further if you go to the online version of my piece and see the hyperlinks taking you to my sources. *

  • As to your children, if they're doing well it's despite going to a quack and not because of thimerosal. If you're truly a loving mother, you'll look at the scientific data and stop reading the material of the conspiracy-mongers and take your kids the heck away from that shyster. He's probably giving your kids something harmless, but you don't know that. What you should know is that he's a liar. Whether his mendacity stops at taking payments from brainwashed parents or crosses the boundary into administering harmful remedies (believe it or not, mercury used to be one such) I cannot say. *
  • Sincerely,
    Michael Fumento*

    **Translation: She's Delighted to Say It, even Though She Doesn't Have To **

I'm sorry to have to say this, but I was so sickened by your article that I couldn't finish reading it. It is full of innacuracies [sic] (I hope they aren't just intentional lies), and seems really malintentioned* [sic] *too. That is a shame.


Dear Maria,

  • I'm sorry to have to say this but I was so sickened by your letter that I couldn't finish reading it. It is full of absolutely nothing, indicating that you saw I was coming to a conclusion that clashed with your conspiracy-based prejudices. And by the way, a lie by definition is intentional and there's no such word as "malintention." *
  • Sincerely,
    Michael Fumento *

    **This Is all False, but Ya Gotta Admit if it Were True it Would be Damning **

    *[Do your own siccing.] *

    if the cdc has nothing to hide then why won't they release the vsd database; answer they do; read the last iom report that said the database should be made public to independent researchers and that those who destroyed datasets need to get legal counsel; the next day the head of cdc removed dr. robert chen as head vaccine safety officer; the danish study has been trashed in peer reviewed publications and the others will fall as well; wait until the senate hearings start this fall; as a parent of a child who received these vaccines and who has documented measles virus in his gi tract and csf which was confirmed recently by wake forest university; an immune system similar to an hiv patient; a metabolic disorder as reported by dr. jill james and richard deth; grand mal seizures, and lesions throughout his gi tract i think that it is time for folks like you who push out the public health garbage to get a reality check; no one can trust the cdc given their behavior and the iom as well. this will all come out under subpoena. the real damage has been done to the vaccine program because they put pharma profits and careers over safety.

    *Dear Ms. Birt: *

  • The vaccine safety database is open to professionals and therefore has been "released;" it's simply not open to every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Ms. Birt because it contains private data about autism sufferers and their parents. If you're the parent of an autistic child, that means it's protecting you. Dr. Robert Chen's official title at CDC is Chief of the Immunization Safety Branch (ISB) in the National Immunization Program. That doesn't exactly support your conspiracy theory, does it? *

*I found that information using Google and it took about a second. But you only access the web to see what the latest vaccine conspiracy sites have to say, as indicated by the entire rest of your letter. If you learned how to use a search engine, you'd be aghast at the lies coming from the people you trust. But you won't, so you won't. *

  • Sincerely,
    Michael Fumento *

**Another: "If It's on the Web It Must Be True" **

Mr. Fumento, In your recend* [sic] *article I read on Townhall.com, you stated "The clamor has been driven lately primarily by an article from Natural Resources Defense Council (inventors of the Alar scare)."

I beg to differ. There are countless web sites, with reams of documentation by credible medical professionals who have been making the the case for the link between thimerosal and autism as well as a number of other nervous system disorders for years.

*[He then quotes a conspiracy site.] *

CDC Vaccine Data Leads Scientists to Shocking Discovery
The Institute of Medicine held a meeting to review research that has been found, which links thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative in vaccines, and neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism. The panel used data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Vaccine Datalink, which concluded that children who are given three thimerosal-containing vaccines are 27 times more likely to develop autism than children who receive thimerosol-free* [sic] *vaccines.

Thimerosal has been gradually removed from vaccines (gee, I wonder why) since 1999, however it is still present in some vaccinations, including virtually all flu shots.

During the review, medical experts discussed the results from a study that showed urinary mercury concentrations were six times higher in children with autism, as opposed to normal-age/vaccine matched controls. They also said that they found evidence that suggested the link between thimerosal-containing vaccines and autism had a higher risk than that between lung cancer and smoking cigarettes.

Dr. Mercola's Comment:
It is nearly incomprehensible that the well-documented, toxic mercury-containing preservative thimerosal is still in many vaccines, years after federal agencies have mandated that thimerosal be removed from the hepatitis vaccine.

Most people, physicians included, don't understand that the mercury preservative thimerosal is still used in most vaccines and is likely one of the major contributing factors to vaccine toxicity.

Mercury is a potent neurotoxin. Injecting it into a child, whose nervous system is rapidly developing, could have terrible consequences. So, before you decide to vaccinate your children, do them a favor and look into the many risks and side effects associated with common childhood vaccines. Doing so could mean the difference between life and death.

Another essential resource for anyone interested in finding out more about the vaccine issue is "Vaccines: What CDC Documents and Science Reveal," a two-hour video by world-renowned vaccine expert Dr. Sherri Tenpenny.

*[150 toxic conspiratorial words omitted.] *

John Gress

*Dear Mr. Gress: *

  • My piece stated that there are indeed over 150 anti-vaccine conspiracy sites; your restating it doesn't support any points you make. It shows only that there are a lot of stupid and malevolent people in the world who know how to type. Tell me something I don't know. I looked up your "Shocking Discovery" mention. It came from no news story and describes events that never occurred. It originated on the Mercola website, which I have repeatedly pointed out is obsessed with conspiracies. Then you have Mercola commenting on his fabrication. I'm overwhelmed, especially since he's flatly wrong. As I correctly stated, thimerosal is no longer in childhood vaccines. The primary vaccine that still uses it is the flu shot. *
  • In my piece, I showed Kennedy's dishonesty over his intentionally confusing two entirely different forms of mercury, ethyl and methyl. He, and by repeating them you, do exactly the same thing, combining them both as simply "mercury." If Kennedy is a liar, what does that make you? *
  • Thimerosal was removed from childhood vaccines on the advice of the American Academy of Pediatrics, which made it clear that while the vaccines were safe the value of the preservative was outweighed by the fear induced by conspiracy mongers like you. No vaccine can be effective if not used. *
  • Your "world-renowned vaccine expert Dr. Sherri Tenpenny" has never published a single article in a peer-reviewed journal. In fact, other than publications she directly sells, her sole presence is on, once again, the Internet. Only conspiracy-theorists like Mercola and you think anything she says is worth so much as Onepenny. *
  • Sincerely,
    Michael Fumento *

    *Serious Flaws Are Getting Seriouser *[sic] All the Time **

Dear Mr. Fumento,

If you are quoting verbatim from an article in the University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform, that "outbreaks of measles, whooping cough, mumps, rubella and diphtheria are reoccurring" your argument must be seriously flawed. I can't imagine that an educated researcher writing for the Michigan Journal of Law Reform would use a word that simply does not exist.

[omitted] Huber

*Dear Ms. Huber: *

  • Interesting that a word "that simply does not exist" when entered into the Google search engine pops up in 880,000 items. "Recurring" is the most common spelling but I used the spelling the law journal did since it was part of a quote. At worst it would have been a typo; but typos don't make arguments "seriously flawed." What is seriously flawed is your effort to undercut the thrust of my entire piece by calling me to task on a single letter of the alphabet. My, but you people are desperate. *
  • Sincerely,
    Michael Fumento *

    **An Exceptional Message **

Mr. Fumento,

I take great exception to your "fear mongering" article. It is both laced with inaccuracies as well as horribly condescending. Lets *[sic] *start with your broad labeling of "fear mongers" and conspiracy theorists. *[No, let's not, 634 words omitted.] *

A. Miller

*Dear Mr. Miller: *

  • Just wanted you to know it took me about half a second to delete your grandiose piece of claptrap. *
  • Sincerely,
    Michael Fumento*

Its [sic] good to know you that you are open to intellignent *[sic] *and meaningful debate and willing to listen to the ideas of others- others who by the way have been looking at this issue for many years. I would say that your email to me ruins any shred of credibility you may have had before.

*Dear Mr. Miller: *

  • You've cut me to the quick. But let me suggest that in the future when you write to a person whom you can assume to be very busy you keep your e-mails rather shorter than 766 words and arrange them in a manner somewhat less than rambling. Most syndicated columnists I know read little or none of their e-mails. I read ALL of mine, but that hardly means they're all worth answering. For you, your missive was an ego boost; for me, it was an utter waste of time. Finally, when pretending to be intelligent try spelling the word correctly. *
  • Sincerely,
    Michael Fumento *

**I'm With You. Honest! Really! **

I am on your side. I don't think Thimerosal causes Autism *[sic] *either.

I know you are doing your best to clear thimerosal with this article. But, it appears rushed out.

The points you made were not as good as hoped. You end up attacking Kennedy and the parents too much, instead of focusing on the issue. People can see through this type of thing. Your readers are intelligent, keep that in mind.

I'm sorry but in the end you looking [sic] kind of foolish about the issue.
You ended up making our side look un-informed* [sic]. like [sic]* a knee-jerk reaction.
For god sakes* [sic]* do some more recent research!
I was going to forward your piece to strengthen the arguement [sic] against Thimerosal [sic], but after reading it, it comes off as goofy, and knee-jerk.

Drake Davis

*Dear Mr. Davis: *

  • On my side? Right. But surely you know whereof you speak when you write of "goofy and knee-jerk." *
  • Sincerely,
    Michael Fumento *

    [He wrote back, admitting he was lying and was a conspiracy-monger trying to draw me out.]

**How Do You Explain All these Things that Aren't True? **

I would like to comment about this article. Obviously, you haven't read the book Evidence of Harm. If you have, you completely missed the point that parents of ASD kids are NOT anti-vaccine. WE ARE ANTI-THIMEROSAL. There is a BIG difference and apparently, you're too "woefully ignorant" to understand that.

I'd also like to mention the fact that ALL the "studies" you refer to were conducted by people and organizations (CDC, FDA, IOM) that have a gross conflict of interest regarding thimerosal. Are you too "woefully ignorant" to grasp the concept of "covering your ass"? Or do you have a conflict of interest as well?

The new cases of autism, ADHD and ADD have already started to drop since thimerosal-free vaccines have been introduced and "phased in." Oh, right, this must just be a coincidence like all the other pieces of the puzzle. It's just a shame they knew about this and just let a sub-set [sic] of vulnerable children be poisoned. I hope this never happens to one of YOUR loved ones. [omitted] Davis

PS *[sic] *If my son didn't get mercury poisoning from his vaccinations, then where did all this mercury come from?????? And why do most autistics have toxic levels of Mercury???

I won't hold my breath for your answer...........

*Dear Ms. Davis: *

  • As I correctly wrote the vaccine conspiracy-mongers are against thimerosal. But it's obviously not just thimerosal since they STILL oppose vaccinations that haven't had thimerosal in years and also oppose the MMR vaccination which never contained it. *
  • I'd also like to mention that you just proved my point about seeing a massive conspiracy that simply cannot be explained. Interesting that you left out my references to the World Health Organization and the European Medicines Agency. Perhaps you thought that if you mentioned even them as being part of the conspiracy you'd look, I dunno, whacky. *
  • So new cases of autism have started to drop along with those of ADHD? Evidence please. And I don't mean one of the conspiracy websites nor, "I remember reading it somewhere." I mean something published in a medical journal or produced by an authority (not an individual) whose job it is to collect these data. *
  • Your son doesn't have mercury poisoning. I presume he was told that by somebody who just happens to be "treating" his autism with something bizarre like "chelation therapy." Talk about self interest. And most autistics don't have toxic levels of mercury. I've never seen a single case report of such a child. Again, that comes from the conspiracy nuts; not the medical literature. If you wish to be included among them, that is your choice. I sympathize with your child; but if you push propaganda that results in child deaths while making no effort to verify the source of our information I'm afraid I have none for you. *
  • Sincerely,
    Michael Fumento *

I'm SO glad you PRESUME to know so much about this and yet YOU aren't putting forth any evidence yourself. You think a medical journal should merit some respect just because of the fact it's a "medical journal"? How many times in the past have these so-called expert medical journals had to admit they were WRONG about something? I guess the Agent Orange situation doesn't ring any bells. Not to mention the tobacco debacle. We're all really crazy conspiracy-mongers. Oh and if you re-check your article, you did not say parents were anti-thimerosal, you said they were anti vaccine [sic]. Well obviously, if we were anti-vaccine, our kids would never have been vaccinated in the first place which would mean they would be normal kids. I didn't mention the WHO or any of the European agencies because they're not worth mentioning. The truth will come out about this and when it does, people like you better be ready to make a BIG apology. Look at the stats in CA for your "evidence" about the autism case reductions. You should have done this homework before writing such an inflammatory article without knowing all the facts. Now that most of the thimerosal vaccines have been phased out, CA has seen a steady drop in new cases. All the pieces of this puzzle fit together perfectly. [318 screeching words omitted.] *There is no conspiracy, this originated as a human error and our government has taken drastic steps to cover it up. The pharmacutical *[sic] *companies are being protected by the gov. but they will be held responsible for this. It's all about money. And our children have been the sacrifical *[sic] lambs.

Diane Davis

*Right, the IOM report, the Pediatrics review of numerous studies, the WHO findings and the European findings all constitute "putting forth no evidence." *

  • Medical journals can be wrong, which is why reviews of multiple studies are better than single studies. In any case your source of material, conspiracy websites, are always wrong but never admit it. *
  • I've written in one book and a vast number of articles on the alleged illness from Agent Orange. It is just another conspiracy-driven non-entity. Basically you've just cited the Easter Bunny as evidence that Santa Claus exists. *

    *I said you were anti-vaccine now; not that you were before your children were vaccinated. It's rather distressing that you can't make that association. *

  • Regarding the WHO and European studies, translation: They came to the "wrong" conclusions. *
  • It wasn't too bright to mention the California statistics. It led me to a website showing that both U.S. and California autism cases started declining BEFORE the halt in production of thimerosal-containing childhood vaccines. Will you now invoke time machines to explain this curiosity? *
  • God help your kids. Autism seems to be the least of their problems. *
  • Sincerely,
    Michael Fumento *

Why didn't you address the reason my son has toxic levels of mercury Mr. Genius??

*[300 words omitted.] *

I noticed you didn't address the MMR issue. Couldn't find anything to refute that one, huh? Check out the work of Dr Andrew Wakefield.

*[76 words omitted.] *

*[omitted] *Davis

*Your son doesn't have toxic levels of mercury. You or someone else just made that up. *

  • I did touch on the MMR conspiracy in my piece, not to mention having previously written a whole piece about your quack Wakefield who publishes studies paid for by trial lawyers.*

**Don't Go Off Mad, Just Go Off **

Sir, have you looked at the research? [110 words deleted.] You should have the right to make informed decisions and not play russian [sic] roulette with your childrens [sic] lives. Please consider what you are saying and we are saying before you go off.


  *Dear Christy, *
  • Insofar as I covered the medical research in my column (and you can see a lot more of it if you consult the online version at my website), that would seem to indicate I have looked at it. Insofar as you're asking me that question, it would seem you didn't read my column. Please read what people have to say before you go off. *
  • Sincerely,
    Michael Fumento *

**Good Riddance **

Good day

I had the opportunity to read your opinion titled "Deadly Vaccine Lies" in the *New York Post *(July 3, 2005) It simply boggles my mind that you were given editorial status on a subject you seem so unprepared to discuss.

Can you honestly answer the following?

[12 idiot questions omitted, including practically everything but "Why does the sun go on shining? Why do these eyes of mine cry?"] Your ending reference to Area 51 is insulting to all of those trying to find an answer.

May you and your family be blessed with good health, for I would not wish upon you what many families have had to endure.

*[omitted] *Bilodeau

*Dear Mr. Bilodeau: *

  • Then consider yourself insulted. You have absolutely no interest in answers, only in laying blame. *
  • Sincerely,
    Michael Fumento*

    **"I'm an Idiot!" She Exclaimed. **

We a not [sic] trying to raise fear into [sic] everyone we are not all antivaccine!!! We want to raise awareness that all the shots that an infant gets befre [sic] *the age of one is *[sic] totally not needed. A baby has no way to protect all the chemicals [Why would the chemicals need protecting?] *including antifreeze that are injsected [sic]* into their systems. And HEP B is mostley [sic] a STD [sic] *why vaccinate an infant barley *[Barley that's just germinated?] *a day old unless the mother has it. *[Has what? Barley?] YOU NEED TO DO MORE RESEARCH then you might actually change your mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*[omitted] *Finney

*Dear Ms. Finney: *

  • Thanks a lot for using up the world's supply of exclamation marks. As I noted, authorities throughout the world have indeed found that babies can easily deal with the tiny bits of chemicals present in childhood vaccinations. I specifically referred to thimerosal, but researchers have looked at the total load that children receive and found it to be harmless. I know you conspiracy mongers absolutely love it that some vaccines contain phenoxyethanol, which because it contains ethanol makes it an ingredient in some antifreeze mixtures. But that ingredient was also discovered half a century ago to be anti-microbial. That's why it's contained in more cosmetic products than a person can name. *

    *I do agree that children don't need the HBV vaccine because it protects against a disease you get in this country only through abusing injected drugs and through sex. That said, I made sure I got mine before I visited any Third World countries because their blood supply is rife with it. I think if you did a bit more research and used a little less exclamatory punctuation you might be edified. But that's not really what you want, is it? *

  • Sincerely,
    Michael Fumento *

**A Pseudo-Thinker **


You wrote the following in your recent article:

"Never mind that production of childhood vaccines with thimerosal ended several years ago..."

So, in essence, you really are saying," Never mind about a generation of children who have been affected by the thimerosal in vaccines, it's been taken out"....

Okay, even if that were true, (which you and I know is NOT the case) then it would be solving only one part of the problem...i.e., future injuries...

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN WHO HAVE BEEN INJURED...your flip statement dismisses these children as some sort of "collateral damage" ....my son is NOT a statistic to be ignored....too bad that you don't understand the love that we have for our children...if you did, you would know that the battle you are engaged in is sealed....THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT AND AMERICA WILL KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO A GENERATION OF CHILDREN....AND, GASP, THE MAJORITY OF THEM WILL HAVE COMPASSION FOR OUR CHILDREN AND THEIR FAMILIES....

Kelli Ann Davis

PS....As you can see, when I have something to say, I say it out in the open....no pseudo-name* [sic]* for me...

*Dear Mrs. Davis: *

  • Very nice job of taking my statement out of context. In context, I stated quite clearly that people like you are still telling parents not to vaccinate their kids when the alleged danger in those vaccines has been removed. The rest of my piece was devoted to showing that according to the science, albeit not the UFO-watchers, there has also been no harm to children who were exposed to thimerosal. The "truth," by which you mean "your truth" has been out for awhile and your case gets worse with every new study. I've yet to meet anybody without compassion for autistic kids and especially their parents, since autistic kids don't even know they are autistic. But for people who deliberately and needlessly scare the tar out of other parents to a point that those parents don't have their children vaccinated and expose them and their communities to outbreaks of deadly and debilitating disease, I must confess to having nothing but loathing. *
  • Sincerely,
    Michael Fumento *

    *P.S. Perhaps you SHOULD consider a pseudonym. *

    **Quck, quck! Quck, quck! **

Regarding your article about vaccines in the Rocky Mountain News, you're [sic] haven't presented any hard facts. You're just recycling the medical/big pharma perspective.

Sorry, but you're no [sic] *presenting any facts that I as a parent can grasp. For example, Methyl [sic] versus Ethyl [sic]* mercury. There's no EPA regulation for Ethyl [sic] [As I stated.]. It's far more toxic than methyl and the body absorbs ethyl far more readily. *[190 words omitted.] *

Respectfully, you're a very effective promoter of faith-based quckery* [sic]*.

Peter B.

*Dear Peter: *

  • No, as I explained and as I show in hyperlinks in the web-based version of my piece, ethyl mercury passes out of the body far more quickly than methyl mercury does ["Excrete" and "absorb" are not synonyms.]. There's no EPA regulation of ethyl mercury for the same reason there's no regulation for flour or sugar. There's no evidence of toxicity for any of them. (Well, maybe some for sugar.) Finally, yes I put my faith in good scientific work. Guilty as charged. *
  • Sincerely,
    Michael Fumento *

Wait, how can the EPA say that one shouldn't eat fish in stream *[sic] *due to mercury poisoning due to mercury in fish? And you're saying mercury is not toxic?

*Dear Peter, *

  • Wait, didn't I just explain to you that it's methyl mercury the EPA says we should worry about, not ethyl? The mercury in fish is methyl. Now whoever said that I've been designated your personal tutor lied to you, so don't go away mad; just go away permanently. *
  • Sincerely,
    Michael Fumento *

**Temporally Challenged **

No one wants vaccines eliminated, just the thimerosal in them. In 1999 a voluntary withdraw of thimerosal was requested to start phasing it out. Some vaccines still had high levels through 2002. It's unfortunate someone gave you a computer that only lets you type in, and not research to pull information out.


*Dear Marlene: *

  • No vaccine ever had a "high level" of thimerosal, as determined by professional bodies not as determined by the conspiracy theorists. In any event, I just glanced at my calendar and it says July 2005. It's unfortunate that somebody gave you a part of your anatomy that allows you to perform simple tasks like eating and watching American Idol but not cogitating. *
  • Sincerely,
    Michael Fumento *

I'm slightly impressed that you responded. I don't want to argue, I only hope you are as diligent with finding out facts. Just curious, why do you think so many parents "lie" and say their child changed, regressed, lost skills, withdrew from reality just after being vaccinated?

*If they're "lying," they're also lying to themselves. They're grasping for a reason that their child has autism while none of the neighbors' children do. Then they read or hear that "experts" have proclaimed that vaccines did it. They don't have any other explanation (nobody has the least idea what causes autism) so they grasp onto this. Fact is, childhood vaccinations aren't given all at once but are spread out. All these parents are really saying is the vaccinations came first, the autism second. That's as logical and as medically sound as a Catholic parent (whose child would normally be baptized shortly after birth) blaming the priest for autism that showed up 2 years later. *

  • Sincerely,
    Michael Fumento *

**Dollar Signs in Her Eyes **

Were you paid to write this or have it published and by whom?

A Knapp

*Dear Ms. Knapp: *

  • My only payment was 1) relieving the terror that parents with young vaccinated children have been put through, 2) perhaps saving a few lives by preventing the resurgence of childhood diseases caused by frightened parents withhold vaccinations from their kids, and 3) ticking off scaremongers like you. *
  • Sincerely,
    Michael Fumento *

I had a reasonable question and was not accusatory [Insert own chuckle]. I find your name calling [sic] prejudmental [Neat new word!]. I've never stated my views on this subject to you. It seems on this fact [sic] you are inaccurate and I can only wonder if other things you say can be completely true.

A Knapp *[As in "taking one?"] *

*I guess I overreacted because I'm such a sensitive guy. But assuming your question wasn't accusatory, it still wasn't pertinent. What if somebody paid me a million dollars to say that the President of the United States is George W. Bush? Would that mean that therefore Bush is NOT President? It was clear you didn't like what I wrote but rather than make the least effort to question the message, you saw no option but to call into question the integrity of the messenger. It didn't work. *

  • Sincerely,
    Michael Fumento *

**Laughter May Not Be the Best Medicine **

Dear Mr. Fumento,

I just wanted to thank you so much for your article on the vaccination conspiracy - I haven't had such a good laugh in quite a while! In caring for my Autistic-spectrum* [sic] *son and his two sisters (all five and under), having free moments to read such an article, especially such an entertaining one, come few and far between. So thank you for the comic relief, and have a great 4th of July!

[omitted] Daniel

  *Dear Ms. Daniel: *
  • Your assertion that conspiracy theories being challenged by hard science is a subject of mirth is an interesting one. But obviously humor is subjective. It's said that in Roman times humor was so little developed that a man literally died of laughter while witnessing the "hilarious" act of a horse eating grapes from a vendor's cart. Perhaps he was reincarnated into you. *
  • Sincerely,
    Michael Fumento *

**My Son, the Landfill **

Michael, If you bothered to check the package insert or PDR of the 2004-2005 Flu vaccine or tetanus booster, you would see the concentration of thimerosal listed at 1:10,000. This is the same concentration as about 50 childhood vaccines used from 1989-2002 (the Hep. B vaccine only contained 1:20,000). A 1:10,000 solution is equal to 100,000 parts per billion (ppb). My fifth grader can do the math. Now, since thimerosal is 50% mercury, that would put the mercury concentration at 50,000 ppb. In Wisconsin, if you want to dispose of a liquid waste and it contains more than 200 ppb of mercury, it must be disposed of in a hazardous waste lanfill* [sic]. We are injecting newborns, infants and pregnant women with levels of mercury 2500 *[sic] higher than what is classified as hazardous waste. Myself* [sic]* and the 7500 parents I correspond with [He clearly types and reads faster than I do.] *would like you or some expert from the CDC, FDA, AAP, IOM, NIH or Pharma *[sic] to explain why you think this is smart.

[omitted] Wagnitz

*Dear Mr. Wagnitz: *

  • Thank you for your concession that even when the recommended childhood vaccines contained thimerosal it was an incredibly minute amount. Flu shots and tetanus vaccines are not normally considered among the childhood vaccines, though a small child can certainly receive one. They can receive almost any type of shot, but this does not automatically classify all shots as pediatric. I am very sorry that you see fit to compare humans to landfills, but apart from the obvious there are major differences. If you bothered to go to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website you'd see absolutely no discussion of the form of mercury that comes from thimerosal, ethyl mercury. Rather it's clear that its main concern is elemental mercury (the stuff formerly found in thermometers) and secondarily methyl mercury. I described the differences in my piece; you ignored them because they didn't suit your purposes. The EPA doesn't even list ethyl mercury on its website of POSSIBLY toxic substances, but methyl and elemental mercury are both there. Another difference between landfills and humans is that landfills are expressly made to permanently contain contents; humans excrete mercury from essentially the moment they absorb it. Indeed, one of the main differences between ethyl and methyl mercury is that the ethyl form is excreted so much more quickly. (Also, Wisconsin uses ridiculously high standards compared to most other states.) *

    *Finally, I thank you for the concession that those who actually know something about toxicology are all on one side of this issue while those whose expertise extends to the ability to use a pocket calculator are for some reason on the other. *

  • Sincerely,
    Michael Fumento *

**Fecal Follies **

Well, Mr. Fumento, what do you say to an educated parent, a pharmacist with 15 years of clinical experience, who is chelating her autistic daughter and has evidence (lab tests) of mercury and other heavy metals now being excreted via her urine and feces in the elevated ranges??

Paula [omitted], angry parent

*Dear Paula, *

  • Well, offhand I'd say you have extra cause to be ashamed of yourself insofar as despite a massive amount of study there is absolutely no evidence that thimerosal is harmful and further that chelation therapy is not only utterly fraudulent but may be harmful. [Shortly after this exchange, a five-year-old autistic child went into cardiac arrest and died after receiving his third chelation therapy treatment at a suburban medical clinic in Pennsylvania. At this writing, no autopsy results have been released.] Your chelation therapist diagnosed your daughter as having high levels of mercury because chelation therapists diagnose ALL children unfortunate enough to be dragged into their offices as having high concentration of mercury. (Sure helps with those Porsche payments.) Strange, isn't it, that formerly mercury was the favorite nostrum of the quack (The term "quack" comes from "quicksilver," a common name for elemental mercury which looks like liquid silver.) and now quackery is being used to treat alleged mercury poisoning. *
  • Michael Fumento, believer in science over pseudo-science *

    **A Rather Unfair Gauntlet **


If you are right about vaccines not causing autism, then what _does_ cause it? I have a 12 year old autistic daughter. She does not fit the profile described by many in the anti-vaccine crowd, because there does not seem to be a specific point at which she regressed.

[omitted] George

*Dear Mr. George: *

  • Making the case that vaccines do not cause autism do not obligate me to identify the cause, any more than saying that pancreatic cancer is not caused by voodoo obligates me to say what does. It is probably the case, sad though it be, that most maladies cannot yet be fully explained. *
  • Sincerely,
    Michael Fumento *

    **I Love RFK Jr.; It's Liberals I Hate **

I am a parent of an autistic boy. [The following incomplete sentence is a reference to me.] As an ignorant, liberal twerp who jots down a crappy article with his poison pen. [250 words omitted that indicated it was too late to give her a rabies vaccine.] I cannot tell you how angry I became trying to get through your vile article. I never finished it. [49 words omitted.] Thanks for giving us the confirmation we needed that there IS a COVERUP. Take note. We are sick of the lies and the agendas. Robert Kennedy, Jr. will be our advocate in fighting the conspirators. I am not the only one who will fight for my child's health and well-being. This is OUR future, genius.

Do not expect that I will acknowledge a response from you to this email. It will be deleted, post haste.

CaresFndtn@*[omitted] *

  *Um, excuse me genius but that name "Kennedy" sounds familiar to you; and you're accusing ME of being a liberal? And what tells me you didn't need confirmation of a COVERUP? Finally, if you were sick of the lies and the agendas, you're certainly not making a convincing case. *
  • Sincerely,
    Michael Fumento *

    **Conspiracy Theorists are SSOOO Predictable with their Insults **

I compared your 'astounding' findings in your article with the more complex data submitted by R. Kennedy in Rolling Stone magazine and came to a simple question. How much money did the drug companies pay you to write that garbage?

Your findings, based on very suspect sources and biased spokespeople, are laughable to say the least. I bet you defended Merck when the Viox *[sic] *news broke even though later on it was discovered that Merck executives attempted to cover up the drug's ill effects YEARS prior to the news breaking.

Right wing hacks like you are SSOOO predictable and rather pathetic in your knee jerk defense of big business.

[omitted] Sbraccia

*Dear Mrs. Sbraccia, *

  • That's funny; the last person who wrote called me a "liberal twerp" right before embracing super-leftie Robert F. Kennedy as her savior. Now I'm a "right wing hack." Why don't you people synchronize your epithets and try again? *
  • Sincerely,
    Michael Fumento *

Can't answer for the other person who accused you of being in our camp but one of the most telling characteristics of a neo-con is that he/she NEVER addresses a premise or fact. They simply ridicule and attack. I believe you just did that here, correct? So, I rest my case.

  • Translation: You don't like people who base arguments on science. You don't like neo-cons. Therefore, anyone who makes an argument based on science is a neo-con. I find that to be a non-sequitur but I'm sure neo-cons like it. And by the way, your case isn't "rested;" it's resting in peace. *
  • Sincerely,
    Michael Fumento *

**This One Stands Pretty Well On its Own **

Mr. Fumento,

Let me ask you this, do you have a child with AUTISM? I thought not.

*[222 words omitted.] *

You talk about how these people don't have the facts, let me tell you some thing [sic] a parent who has a child with autism has more facts then [sic] *you! You have the power to help these children, and yet you betray them, you are no better then [sic]* the people you call crazy conspirators. And ill [sic] say this Robbert [sic] Kennedy has more right to talk about autism then [sic] you will ever have, because he has a child with autism. So I suggest that in less [sic] you plan on getting all the facts, not just the ones that make are [sic] government and FDA* [So FDA isn't part of the government? She DOES know more than I do.]* look like a poor innocent bystander being picked on by crazy parents and the evil Kennedys, you shut the heck up, becouse *[sic] *your facts as you call truth, do nothing but harm the children.

susan* [sic] *

*Dear Susan, *

  • Let me make sure I understand your argument. If, god forbid, one of your children develops cancer and your oncologist recommends surgery and chemotherapy, you'll feel confident to tell him to nix both of those and have your child receive radiation treatment instead. After all, who cares what he knows and what medical science has learned; you're the parent of a child with cancer and he's not. *
  • Spooky. *
  • Sincerely,
    Michael Fumento *

    **You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine . . . **


You don't get it. You'll never get it. [104 words omitted.] Someone asks you "do you want a shot with or without mercury?" What are you gonna say Mike? "Go ahead it will put hair on my chest!" [45 words omitted.] How much time did you spend researching this stuff before you went on a major news media [sic] and wrote a column that millions would read?? Was this your off week?? No new material?? Were you sitting out there with all the pretty people drinking fuzzy navels and saying what are these people bitching about?? [97 words omitted.] But, hey let's cover the really important stories like "the runaway bride", "Michael Jackson's trial", or some other lame story which sells papers. I got to see another picture of Paris Hilton or Lindsay [sic] *Lohan Whoooo *[sic] HOOOO!!!! [233 words omitted.] I want answers Mike. So do a lot of other decent, hardworking, taxpaying, newspaper buying [sic], law abiding [sic] citizens of this great democracy know [sic] as the United States. So when you do a column pick interior decorating, which car to buy "the red or the black one?", or "The great frog jumping contest of Long Island". Then maybe we wouldn't have to write nasty e-mails to each other. I dare you to print this response. How's* [sic]* about it sunshine?? *[He means to be addressing me as "Sunshine."] *

Brian *[Susan's husband] *

*No, Brian, you don't want answers. You have them all. You just want somebody to crucify. I bent your nails and now you're all bent out of shape. But I will print your letter, Darkness. *

  • Sincerely,
    Michael Fumento *

    **Who Are You Calling a Conspiracy Theorist? (Part XVII) **

To the Editor of the Rocky Mountain News:

Your July 5th piece on vaccinations is so and error ridden [sic] and so hysterically pro [sic] government/corporate propaganda that it is hard to believe that ANY news source would print it, even those that are blatantly beholden to the pharmaceutical industry.

Contrary to your ridiculous statement that thimerosal was taken out of vaccines "several years ago" it is STILL in some vaccines, often along with aluminum, beta-propiolactone (known to cause cancer), formaldehyde, polysorbate 80 (known to cause cancer)* [It's actually a harmless emulsifier commonly used in ice cream, salad dressing, and to improve volume and texture in baked goods.]*, tri(n)butylphosphate (suspected nerve poison), phenol/phenoxyethanol (known as anti-freeze) and a plethora of other toxic adjuvants.

Most flu vaccines contain 25 mcg. [Do you think this lady has the least idea what a microgram is?] of mercury and are now being given to pregnant women and babies. According to Dr. Hugh Fudenberg [Perhaps she means "Elmer Fuddenberg."], world renowned *[sic] *immunologist, adults vaccinated with the flu vaccine, 4 to 5 times within 5 years, have a 10-fold increased risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. He attributes this to the mercury and aluminum in the vaccine.

Dr. Russell Blaylock, renowned [sic] neurosurgeon, will tell you in detail just how the adjuvants in vaccines damage the immune system, causing ADD, ADHD, autism, alzheimer's [sic] and a host of other neurological disorders. There are many independent researchers who can provide you with truthful, accurate data on just how vaccines permanently damage our nation's children - and adults.

My college educated children and their associates will not allow their children to be vaccinated because they have carefully accessed accurate information on the real dangers of vaccines. These intelligent, caring people are not "conspirators". They are simply better informed than those parents who allow their children to be injected with poisons that, by the manufacturers' own claims, offer little if any protection from anything. [As you might guess�] If you want to find a conspiracy look no further than those who poison our children for corporate profit, along with those government agencies that support them.

For further information go to www.autismtruth.org

Mr. Fumento, please put aside your slathering* [Slathering?]* ignorance. gross bias and name-calling, DO YOUR HOMEWORK and report the truth.

Joan Mootry

*Dear Ms. Mootry: *

  • Thank you for such a beautiful example of how truly divorced from reality the anti-vaccinationists are. By the way, you probably consume your allegedly "known to cause cancer" polysorbate 80 in foods every day. Better play it safe and stop eating. *
  • Sincerely,
    Michael Fumento*

    Slapped Silly

I am a parent of a 2 1/2 year old little boy who was diagnosed with Autism [sic] at 21 months. I would like to know who you got your information from. You're [sic] article is nothing but a slap in the face to parents who are living a life of hell everyday because of ignorant and misinformed people like you.

*[202 words omitted.] *

You obviously do not expeience [sic] what the astonomical [sic] number of parents today go through. We have done our homework, and won't let this rest until something is done about it. People like you won't discourage us.

Mrs. [omitted] Burke

*Dear Mrs. Burke: *

  • Sigh. Of that I have no doubt. *
  • Sincerely,
    Michael Fumento *