BioEvolution Table of Contents

Michael Fumento  ·  Bioevolution


Table of Contents

Introduction: The Biotech Future

Part One: Miracles in Medicine

  1. The New Biotech Paradigm
  2. Vanquishing Vaccines
  3. Miniature Pharmaceutical Factories and
    Medicinal Milk
  4. "Plantibodies"
  5. The Book of Angiogenesis
  6. Medicinal Matchmaking
  7. Ingenious Gene Therapy
  8. The Genomic Generation
  9. Gene Testing
  10. "Baby by Versace?"
  11. Will Biotech Break the Bank?

Part Two: The Fountain of Youth

  1. Turning Back the Clock
  2. Starfish for a Day
  3. Stupendous Stem Cells
  4. Xenotransplantation

Part Three: More (and Better) Food for a
Growing Population

  1. The Defeat of Hunger
  2. Safe Biopesticides
  3. Survival of the Transgenic
  4. Foods that Taste Too Good to Be Healthy
  5. It's not Just Crops
  6. Developing the Underdeveloped Nations
  7. Frankenfoods?

Part Four: Biotech Brooms - Letting Nature
Clean up Man's Messes

  1. Tackling Toxic Waste
  2. Phytoremediation and Mighty Microbes