Michael Fumento  ·  Bioevolution

BioEvolution: How Biotechnology is Changing Our World

By Michael Fumento

No area of science is moving faster nor will have a greater impact than biotechnology. BioEvolution is the first book to explain what biotech is all about and to describe the amazing scientific advances that have already been made.

Author Michael Fumento shows how biotech is changing our lives and will do so even more dramatically in the near future.

Reporting from Ground Zero of experimentation and clinical trials, Fumento shows how biotechnology has already demonstrated the potential to cure almost any disease, extend human lifespans well past the 120-year range, and wipe out not only famine but malnutrition while using less land, less water, and fewer chemicals.

He discusses the miracle drugs and treatments in the biotech pipeline-scientific innovations that will change medicine over the next decades, eliminating diseases such as diabetes, AIDS, and Alzheimer's, and making cancer into a manageable disorder rather than a death sentence.