Where Now with Mad Cow?

January 01, 2004  ·  Michael Fumento  ·  Scripps Howard News Service  ·  Disease

Further, said the report, "Our tests of computer-based controls concluded that the computer operating systems and the agency-wide computer network that support most of EPA’s mission related and financial operations were riddled with security weaknesses. Of particular concern is that many of the most serious weaknesses we identified – those related to inadequate protection from intrusions via the Internet and poor security planning – had been previously reported to EPA management in 1997 by EPA’s Inspector General."

That’s who Corzine wants to co-administer anti-terror regulations?

EPA may have cleaned up its act somewhat since then, but "I’m assuming DHS is going to be more secure than EPA" says Mark Greenwood, who ran the EPA Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics from 1990 to 1994. "EPA has historically, and particularly in the last decade, been oriented towards public disclosure. Obviously DHS has a security orientation."

Obviously, DHS is the agency to do the job and Corzine is merely trying to hide a green agenda behind a red, white, and blue veneer. Any congressman can introduce industry-bashing bills whenever he wants, but anti-terror legislation must be just that. You can’t play around when the enemy plays for keeps.