Articles: 2004

Toxic Towels

Scripps Howard News ServiceFebruary 20, 2004

The 'Cancer Epidemic' that Never Was

Tech Central StationMarch 05, 2004

Victims Are Our New Heroes

Scripps Howard News ServiceMarch 16, 2004

Why the Shredded Wheat?

Scripps Howard News ServiceMay 12, 2004

Low Carbs and Lower Journalistic Standards

Scripps Howard News ServiceMay 18, 2004

Are We Out of Gas?

Tech Central StationMay 18, 2004

Drug Studies as Phony as Sugar Pills

Scripps Howard News ServiceMay 25, 2004

Fuelish Attack on Natural Gas

Scripps Howard News ServiceJune 08, 2004

AIDS Threatens Humanity (Again)

Tech Central StationJune 20, 2004

PharmaPez? Drug ‘Studies’ Are as Fake As Sugar Pills

The National Review OnlineJune 22, 2004