Here's what we were warned of...

...and here's what we got.

Flu season has just ended, and if you’re reading this you’re most likely still alive. But don’t buy that t-shirt just yet, the one proudly proclaiming “Survivor: Great Swine Flu Pandemic.” Here are some phony flu fast facts you should know.

Yet all along the evidence was that swine flu was remarkably mild.

Health authorities say the swine flu vaccine made a difference, but:

Health authorities terrified parents, telling them swine flu was cutting a swathe through our youth, in an effort to get them to vaccinate their kids with vaccine that wasn’t even available. But:

Worldwide, it was the same nonsense.

So how could swine flu possibly qualify as a “pandemic?” It didn’t! The WHO rewrote the definition after the initial outbreak. It desperately wanted a pandemic so it made one. The evidence is all over the WHO’s own Web site. But with people catching on to the hoax, the WHO is boldly claiming it was never changed!

Top health officials warned us swine flu could become another Spanish flu, which extrapolated to current populations would men 175 million deaths globally and 2 million Americans. Yet:

Not incidentally, the WHO also compared avian flu and SARs to Spanish flu and exaggerated worldwide HIV infections by 12-fold. But now that that the allegedly raging razorback has proved to be a pork cutlet:

And finally:

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